Supported Living Accommodation

Supported living accommodation is something not just needed in the North West but all across the UK. It provides vulnerable people with a long term, safe and secure home that has been adapted to suit their needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Supported Living?

  • Round the clock support provided by trained professionals. This means should the individual require help with a task at any time of the day or night, there will always be someone available to provide support, whatever the issue.
  • Supported living staff will communicate with the family of the individual, as well as any local authorities, employers, educators or activity providers involved, ensuring the right structured and adequate package of care is provided at all times.
  • Support plans will be developed as part of their care pathway with the guided input of the individual’s carers or family, meaning that there are documented care plans supporting the strategies tailored to the individual.
  • Staff are professionally trained and dedicated to their roles, using their extensive expertise to help improve daily living for the individual, offering behaviour support as well as care.
  • Staff and services are constantly monitored, and training is provided regularly, to ensure services improve all the time.

Our Sites

LPS Group have acquired three sites in the Fylde Coast area with the intention of developing high quality properties that can be leased to Supported Living providers on a long term basis; providing the most vulnerable of people with a safe place they can call home.

These sites consist of:

  • x9 mixed 1 and 2 bed apartments
  • x21 mixed 1 and 2 bed apartments
  • x15 1 bedroom apartments

If you are a supported living provider and and are actively looking for developers and developments please feel free to contact our office on 01253 392289.